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Rolls-Royce and Mitsui OSK collaborate on ‘intelligent awareness’

Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018

Rolls-Royce and Mitsui OSK are to use a 165m passenger ferry, Sunflower, owned and operated by a subsidiary of the Japanese multi-modal transport company, to develop intelligent awareness on board the vessel with the aim of raising its operating efficiency.

Intelligent awareness systems will be developed on board the Sunflower

The Sunflower operates on a 222-nautical mile route between Kobe and Oita via the Akashi Kaikyo, Bisan Seto and Kurushima Straits.
Intelligent awareness systems from Rolls-Royce will make the vessel safer, easier and more efficient to operate by providing the crew with a better understanding of the ship’s surroundings. This will be achieved by integrating
data from a range of sensors with information from existing ship systems, including the automatic identification systems (AIS) and radar.
Asbjørn Skaro, Rolls-Royce, Director Digital & Systems – Marine, said: “We are exploring and testing how to combine sensor technologies effectively and affordably. Pilot projects such as this allow us to see how they can be best
adapted to the needs of the customer and their crews so that our product effectively meets the needs of both.”