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Hansa Heavy Lift ships projects cargoes from China to Australia

Friday, 11 Aug 2017

Thirteen large cargo modules have been shipped on four separate voyages between the Yanda Module Yard in Jiangsu, China, and Port Pirie in Australia on board three Hansa Heavy Lift vessels, the "HHL New York", "HHL Lagos" and "HHL Valparaiso".

Hansa Heavy Lift has transported 13 modules from China to Australia

The modules, which are required for the upgrading of Port Pirie’s Nyrstar Smelter, had a total volume of more than 147,100m3, with the largest consignment weighing 690 tonnes and measuring 29m in length, 17m in width, and 26.7m in height.
The vessels’ decks were extended to the aft and, in some cases, on the starboard side so that up to five cargo modules could be accommodated on each trip. Additional bow radars and extra crew were required during the voyages and the likelihood of heavy weather meant that lashing and securing of the cargoes required particularly careful attention.