Holds, tanks and hull structures can be inspected remotely with the new service (Source: Woell Marine)

Woell Marine launches drone inspection service

Maintenance service company Woell Marine GmbH has launched a new drone inspection service, certified by RINA.

Holds, tanks and hull structures can now be inspected remotely, saving time, money and the risks associated with the survey of hard-to-access areas in ship structures.
High-resolution images can be processed to a range of different accuracies, not only showing flaking, corrosion and other mechanical damage, but also documenting the images continuously. Using time as another dimensions, present images can be compared with past recordings to show the rate of difference in condition and potentially predict when future repairs may become necessary.
Sascha Woell, the company’s managing director, commented: “We are one of the first companies certified by RINA for this innovative service. Certification by other classification societies will follow soon. This underlines our claim to be a future-oriented partner for shipowners and ship managers.” 

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore