RINA adopts VR to enhance surveys

Italian classification society, RINA, has teamed up with VRMedia, a virtual reality (VR) specialist, to hasten the development of ship inspections with remote input using augmented reality technology. VRMedia’s Kiber system, which comprises a headset incorporating integrated hardware and software, enables the consultation and sharing of real-time information between several participants in different locations.

The Kiber Helmet incorporates a video camera, a viewer, headphones and a microphone. A surveyor in the field, therefore, can receive real-time advice and guidance from remote experts whilst also having text and diagrams displayed simultaneously on the viewer. The device can also be used for training purposes with a wide range of simulations.

Paolo Moretti, RINA’s chief commercial officer, said: “Augmented inspection is a technology with great potential and represents an extra step towards the digitalisation of shipping. Being able to distribute an innovative tool like Kiber to our customers will give us an edge in the market.”


Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore