Performance monitoring delivers tangible fuel consumption and emissions reductions (Source: Kongsberg)

OSV owner notches up 20% fuel savings with batteries

Ålesund-based Golden Energy Offshore has revealed fuel savings of 20% by using Kongsberg Maritime’s SAVe Energy battery system on board the two platform supply vessels, NS Orla and NS Frayja. Golden Energy and Kongsberg have been monitoring and analysing data from the two vessels since 2015, using the Kongsberg Vessel Performance System (VPS), with the new data-to-cloud system, Vessel Insight, integrated into the system this year.  

Kongsberg data scientist, Joakim Kjølleberg, explained: “With availability of historical data of all key components on board from the previous four years from the VPS, we had all the information needed to further configure the systems to help the Golden Energy vessels to perform at their best.”

The VPS assists decision-making both for ships’ crews and personnel ashore, providing details on fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency, benchmarked against historical performance. Following the cooperation with Golden Energy, the Kongsberg VPS now also incorporates battery performance monitoring.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore