Kanfer and CGR to cooperate in developing and marketing new LNG bunkering vessels (Source: Business Wire)

Kanfer Shipping enters into exclusive agreement with CGR

Norwegian shipping company Kanfer Shipping AS, specialised in LNG break-bulk and bunkering ships,  has agreed marketing and development cooperation with Norway’s CGR Arctic Marine which has designed and developed a new type of liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel.

Under the licensing and development agreement, Kanfer will exclusively market CGR’s new liquid methane bunkering vessel (LMBV) and other technologies to customers in the global LNG bunkering industry, including shipping lines, port owners, traders and fuel companies. CGR will also apply its new technology to Kanfer’s new design of detachable stern vessel (DSV), an advanced version of the articulated tug barge to speed up break-bulking cargoes of LNG.

The LMBV has a new type of plug-in hybrid power system comprised of a modular battery system in combination with pure gas generators. It features a single tank and less cargo containment equipment. This combination is said to improve hull utilisation, reduce weight and maximise insulation surface area. An onboard multi-purpose cargo handling plant combines cooling, reliquefication and gas recovery operations.

 “We are bringing CGR’s patented technologies and Kanfer’s LNG marine expertise and capabilities under one roof. Together, we bring to our customers best-in-class designs that reduce complexity, improve operational efficiencies and maximize savings compared with existing solutions,” says Stig Anders Hagen, Managing Partner of Kanfer Shipping.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore