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Wärtsilä to provide fuel-saving technology for new shuttle tankers

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2018

Wärtsilä is to supply its new volatile organic compounds (VOC) recovery system to improve the fuel efficiency on two new shuttle tankers under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries for Malaysia’s tanker company, AET.

he tankers will feature a Wärtsilä VOC recovery module

The technology group will supply the new fuel-mixing system, LNG fuel gas handling systems and auxiliary engines in a contract worth more than EUR 30 million.
The two shuttle tankers will operate on LNG as primary fuel, but Wärtsilä’s new system will mix VOCs from the oil cargo tanks to reduce fuel consumption. The company estimates that each vessel could save as much as 3,000 tonnes of fuel a year. Meanwhile, the environment will benefit through lower emissions of carbon dioxide, possibly by up to 40%, according to Wärtsilä executives.
The new technology has been developed for both two-stroke main engines and four-stroke auxiliaries and is expected to attract the attention of a significant number of tanker owners with concerns over the future cost of ships’ fuel and their environmental performance.