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Wärtsilä launches pre-swirl stator at Europort

Friday, 10 Nov 2017

Technology group Wärtsilä launched its latest energy-saving initiative, EnergoFlow, at the Europort event in Rotterdam, claiming potential fuel savings of up to 10% and possible payback periods of less than two years.

EnergoFlow in combination with an optimised fixed pitch propeller ensures better results

EnergoFlow, the latest in pre-swirl stator technology, follows years of in-house research and development, the company claims, involving hydrodynamic experiments, the analysis of energy-saving propulsion concepts, and pre-swirl models.
The design of the EnergoFlow stator ensures that one side of the stern flow is guided in the opposite direction to the rotation of the propeller. Meanwhile, the stator’s multiple fins, which are attached to the ship’s hull, optimise flow into the propeller and prevent power losses. The curved fins minimise the viscous resistance while the ring connecting the fins at their tips reduces the peak stress of each fin.  
The fuel-saving impact of EnergoFlow is likely to have the largest impact on ships with full forms such as tankers and bulk carriers. Wärtsilä predicts fuel savings of up to ten percent for bulk carriers and claims that EnergoFlow should pay for itself within one-to-two years of operation, regardless of ship type.