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Steel cutting ceremony for FLNG

Friday, 22 Jun 2012

Drydocks World announced that the construction of Shell’s pioneering Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility was recently initiated with a steel cutting ceremony of its turret.

Sketch of Prelude

The 90m-high turret with a diameter of 30m weights approximately 11,500 tonnes. It will be built as a six-module unit at the Dubai shipyard and shipped to Samsung Heavy Industry's yard in South Korea, where it will be integrated into the FLNG facility.
Upon the completion of its construction, the FLNG facility will be towed to the location where it will be permanently moored in 250m-deep water through the turret, providing weathervaning capabilities, and a 4x4 mooring system. The FLNG facility and its mooring system have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including a category 5 cyclone.