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New engine oil for high-speed diesels

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018

Shell Marine has launched a new engine oil, Shell Marine 40, targeting high-speed diesel engines in the fishing and tug boat markets.

Formulated for tugs and fishing vessels, Shell Marine 40 enhances engine performance on board some of the hardest working assets at sea

Vessels in these sectors have some of the hardest working schedules and fuel is one of their largest operating costs, Shell noted. Clean combustion protects not only the asset itself, but also its operator’s bottom line, Shell Marine’s Marcus Schaerer, Global Marketing Manager, pointed out. The additive system in the new lubricating oil controls piston deposits and helps to maintain good standards of engine cleanliness, he said, which in turn means more effective combustion and higher reliability.
"Our expectations in the fishing and tug markets are based on the marriage between product R&D and deep understanding of the requirements of a specific market," Schaerer explained. "The high-speed engines that power tugs and fishing boats face a vastly different operating profile to a container ship or a dredger. We deliver lubricants that recognise and match the differing needs to help ensure that vessel engines can perform their jobs reliably and efficiently."