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MAN Engines launches exhaust gas treatment system at workboat show

Friday, 01 Dec 2017

A flexible and compact exhaust aftertreatment system (EAT) was unveiled by MAN Engines at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans.

The US Tier 4-compliant modular exhaust aftertreatment system from MAN Engines is suitable for a wide variety of installation conditions

Designed specifically for the workboat market, the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) EAT ensures US Tier 4 compliance and follows closely the entry into force of the US Tier 4 emissions standard on October 1st. This applies to all workboats flying the US flag powered by engines with a power output of more than 600 kW.  
MAN Engines claims that the system stands out because of its flexibility and compact design, both of which are important in the varied installations situations found on workboats where space is often at a premium. The EAT’s components are freely placeable, allowing a wide range of options and giving designers flexibility in system integration. The modular system comprises a SCR catalyst, a SCR mixer, and a metering unit for the 32.5% aqueous urea solution. This is injected directly into exhaust gas to convert nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water.