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First of two CRTs delivered to Multraship

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018

Netherlands-based Multraship Towage & Salvage has taken delivery of the first of two 77-tonne bollard pull “carrousel rave tugs” (CRTs) from Damen Maaskant in Stellendam.

The Multratug 32 is powered by two Voith thruster units and two ABC main engines delivering 2,650 kW at 1000 rpm, achieving a top speed of over 14 knots

The 32m-long Multratug 32 has already demonstrated significant benefits over conventional tugs, including improved safety, a better environmental profile, and a capability to work with seagoing vessels at higher speeds with no risk of capsizing, its owner said.
Julian Oggel is managing director of Novatug, an innovation arm of the group to which Multraship belongs and the entity which entered into the two-tug building contract. “The whole CRT concept was driven by safety considerations,” he said. “In principle, capsizing is impossible when towing with the carrousel, which facilitates the safe execution of manoeuvres that would be very high-risk with traditional tugs. The Carrousel system consists of a base structure surrounded by a steel ring that can rotate freely through 360° in the horizontal plane. It carries a towing winch that can tilt vertically 45° so that the winch can always be aligned with the towing line, providing optimal control. As a result, we can work with large seagoing vessels at much greater speeds than can be achieved by conventional tugs, and that means that the vessels themselves are easier to steer. This a major step forward for both efficiency and safety.”
Managing director of Multraship, Pepijn Nuijten, said that the company is delighted with the new CRT which, he revealed, can achieve the same towing force as a conventional tug at much lower levels of fuel consumption. “The savings amount to at least 25% on an average operation involving a seagoing vessel,” he said.
The second CRT will be delivered to Novatug in May and has already been reserved for Multraship.