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First gas-powered offshore vessel delivered

Friday, 29 Jun 2012

Global power systems company Rolls-Royce announced that Island Offshore had taken delivery of Island Crusader, the first gas-powered Rolls-Royce offshore vessel.

The Island Crusader

The new and advanced UT 776 CDG platform supply vessel is the first of two ordered by Island Offshore. According to Rolls-Royce, this is the first offshore vessel to feature lean burn gas engines as main engines. As a result nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions will be reduced by about 90% while sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions and particulates will be negligible. CO2 emissions will also be significantly reduced. The vessel is also equipped with two diesel engines for periods when it needs to operate away from gas supply. The 96m-long Island Crusader will operate in the North Sea undertaking transport, supply and service duties between onshore supply bases and offshore drilling sites. She will also be equipped for oil recovery.
Including this latest delivery, Island Offshore has seven UT 776 CD platform supply vessels in service and three more under construction.