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Builders for four new Norwegian cruise ferries chosen

Friday, 05 Oct 2018

Norwegian owner Havila Kystruten, a Havila Holding subsidiary, is to split the construction of four new cruise ferries between Turkey’s Yalova-based shipyard Tersan, and Astillero Barreras at Pontevedra in Spain, with each yard building two of the LNG-battery hybrid vessels.

Illustration of the new Havila Kystruten cruise vessel

The building contracts come as a result of a new ten-year deal awarded in March by Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications which will see the Norwegian owner operating the four ferries between Bergen and Kirkenes for a ten-year period starting in January 2021.
Group company Havyard Design & Solutions is providing ship designs and an extensive equipment package for the vessels. The design contract, said to be worth billions of NOKs, is a major boost for Havyard group companies, as well as other equipment suppliers in Norway’s maritime sector, all of which have been under pressure as a result of the offshore downturn.  
The 125m-long vessels are already at an advanced stage of design, and steel cutting will begin before the end of this year, the company said in a statement. A combination of simulation models, new technologies and optimal adaptation of hull and equipment has ensured that the designs more than meet the demanding requirements of the Norwegian Ministry.