BW Malacca, the last vessel in the series of 15 VLGs retrofitted with Wärtsilä LPG fuel supply systems

(Source: BW LPG)

Wärtsilä completes delivery of 15 fuel supply systems for LPG retrofits

The last of 15 LPG fuel supply systems (LFSS) have now been delivered to BW LPG by technology firm Wärtsilä. The systems have been installed as retrofits, enabling the Singapore-headquartered shipowner to operate the ships using LPG as fuel.

The first four orders were placed in 2018 and, following successful two-stroke marine engine tests conducted by Wärtsilä, eleven more systems were ordered two years later.  

The LFSS are a key component in the retrofit process which enables significant emission reductions without a requirement for scrubber installations. Compared with heavy fuel oil, LPG reduces SOx emissions by 97%, NOx emissions by about 20%, greenhouse gas emissions by around 24%, and particulates by about 90%.

BW LPG executive VP, Technical and Operation, Walter Reggente, commented: “The successful introduction of the LFSS is testament to Wärtsilä’s commitment to working towards the decarbonisation of shipping. We were very quick to adopt this system in support of our own decarbonisation ambitions, and we have enjoyed collaborating with them in this important and groundbreaking project.”


Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore