The EcoOne BWM system is now being offered in three different versions (Source: Ecochlor)

USCG issues type approval for Ecochlor’ filterless system

Connecticut-based Ecochlor has received type approval from the US Coast Guard for its filterless EcoOneTM and EcoOneTM hybrid ballast water management (BWM) systems. The approval means that the manufacturer can now offer customers a choice of three systems – filtered, filterless and hybrid versions.

The EcoOne BWM system has been tested in a wide range of waters, including brackish and marine conditions, and provides a single-step treatment without a filter. The company has worked closely with partners DNV, Golden Bear Research Facility, DHI and Maran Tankers in development of the technology.

Andrew Marshall, Ecochlor CEO, commented: “Whilst we acknowledge that there isn’t any single BWM system that will fit all applications for every trade route, we now offer three variations of BWM systems. Add to that our powerful chlorine dioxide treatment technology – which is effective in all water conditions without any need for the crew to adjust operating parameters – and low cost.

“Accordingly, shipowners will no longer have to install BWM systems that are not optimal for their vessel oir trade routes. The Ecochlor systems, already having a strong reputation for reliability, make an especially attractive option for any shipowner focused on compliance,” he concluded.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore