Nauticus Robotics' Hydronaut vessels will be equipped with the Smartgyro SG80 unit (Source: Diverse Marine)

Smartgyro stabilisers for Diverse Marine Hydronaut vessels

Smartgyro’s UK agent Golden Arrow Marine Supplies is to provide Smartgyro SG80 gyroscopic stabilisation units for installation on two 18m-long Hydronaut vessels under construction at Cowes boat builder, Diverse Marine, for Houston-based Nauticus Robotics.

The Smartgyro units reduce roll in manned and unmanned operations and have been selected for the first two Hydronaut vessels of a 20-strong robotic navy fleet. They are due for delivery in the first quarter of 2023, with the remainder by the end of 2024. The SG80 systems are suitable for vessels of length more than 18m and measure 1.08 by 1.11 by 0.87m.

The modular SG80 gyros are the first such units that can be assembled and serviced from inside the boat, Smartgyro said, and are suitable for both newbuilds and refits. All SG units, which are designed for vessels ranging from nine to 24m, incorporate breakthrough technology within the control electronics, braking system, liquid cooling system, and vacuum enclosure, the company claimed.

Golden Arrow Marine business development manager, Simon Leppard, said: “We are delighted to work with Diverse Marine on such an exciting project. Effective stabilisation is essential for the Hydronaut vessels for comfort and roll reduction. As well as advanced technology, superior performance and efficiency, the Smartgyro solution offers significant additional benefits because of the ease of installation and on-board maintenance, so there is no need to remove the gyro and downtime is reduced.”

Nauticus Robotics is a subsea technology company active in a diverse range of ocean sectors including renewables, energy, aquaculture, oceanography, communications, port security and defence.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore