i>Viking Lady in operation: The FellowSHIP project successfully explored the use of battery, hybrid and fuel cell technology in the maritime industry (Photo: DNV GL / Eidesvik)

Pioneering FellowSHIP research project to end

Partners in the FellowSHIP project – Eidesvik Offshore, Wärtsilä Norway and DNV GL – have announced that the research initiative is to end.

In the 15 years that it has been running, the project partners have pioneered a range of new technologies, successfully testing them on board Eidesvik’s offshore supply vessel Viking Lady. Central to the project has been the operation of LNG hybrid and fuel cell technology, and then the use of batteries, the results of which have laid the foundation for continuing technology development today.
DNV GL’s Bjørn-Johan Vartdal, maritime programme director for Technology and Research, said: “FellowSHIP has been a flagship research project. Its results have shaped our knowledge of battery and hybrid power on board ships and enabled the industry to implement innovations which will help to enable the next generation of more efficient and sustainable vessels.”
Key achievements in the project include the installation of a prototype fuel cell on board the Viking Lady in 2010, and the subsequent use of battery power to support the vessel’s hybrid power system. Outcomes from the FellowSHIP project have supported the establishment of new class rules and the commercialisation of certain technologies.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore