A VentiFoil® sail system installed on the short-sea vessels will contribute to further energy savings

(Source: Holland Shipyards)

Holland Shipyards is awarded contract to build MPP coasters

Dutch shipping company Hartel Shipping & Chartering has placed an order with Holland Shipyards for three multi-purpose coastal freighters of 3,800dwt.

The new vessels, designed by Conoship, measure 89.42m long and 13.2m wide. They will have a cargo hold capacity of 5,530m3 and a tween deck to allow for increased project cargo capacity.

In response to an increased focus on sustainability, Hartel Shipping has opted for a diesel-electric propulsion, allowing for running on sustainable fuels now and in the future. The newbuilds are propelled by two 374-kW electro motors and have a total installed power of 749 kW. The frequency-controlled, diesel-electric power train regulates the speed of the screw on the basis of variables such as load factor, water level and navigation route, resulting in fuel saving up to 35% and significantly fewer emissions.

Further energy savings will be realised by fitting a VentiFoil® sail system, made by ship design and engineering office Econowind, on the first vessel. With these sails, further efficiencies of 8% to 12% are said to be achieved.

This order marks a return to the short-sea market, states Holland Shipyards.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore