ClassNK issues AiP for methanol dual-fuelled tanker

ClassNK has issued an Approval in Principle (AiP)  for the design of a methanol dual-fuelled tanker developed by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Company Ltd.

The design complies with the IMO’s “Interim Guidelines for the Safety of Ships using Methyl/Ethyl Alcohol as fuels”, published in December 2020, as well as the classification society’s own “Guidelines for Ships Using Low-Flashpoint Fuels”, which was published in 2019.

Sumitomo outlined some of the features of the tanker design. “In detail design, regarding methanol fuel, due consideration is required to properly reduce potential risk of fire and leakage by its low flash point and toxic. Our tanker is carefully designed to install a main engine and methanol fuel supply system such as fuel pump, fuel tank and fuel control system which enable to use both methanol fuel and fuel oil. Our tanker also uses double-walled fuel oil piping, a leak detection system, etc. to ensure safety against leakage and fire.”


Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore