Siemens supplies the marine industry with an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system, the BlueDrive PlusC

Siemens to open new energy storage facility in Norway

Germany’s Siemens has announced that it is to open a fully robotised and digitalised plant in Norway to develop and manufacture energy storage systems for the marine and offshore industries.

Siemens plans to apply its experience of battery storage in shipping to offshore oil and gas, with a focus on reducing emissions and risk in particularly sensitive operational environments, it said in a statement.
Terje Krogh, CEO of Siemens Offshore Solutions, pointed out that the company’s experience with energy storage systems for the emissions-free electric car ferry, Ampere, developed jointly with Fjellstrand shipyard and shipowner Norled, provides a basis for similar systems in the oil and gas sector. The ferry’s propulsion system in entirely emissions-free because the batteries are recharged using hydro-electric power.  
"Energy storage solutions provide a means to establish a stable, reliable electrical network by buffering intermittency and providing clean, dispatchable power," Krogh said. "The Ampere ferry, which is entirely emissions-free, serves as an example of how an energy storage system could also be successfully applied in an oil and gas environment."
Siemens BlueVaultTM lithium-ion battery technology, suitable for both all-electric and hybrid energy systems, is designed to ensure continuity of power, minimise emissions, and provide the basis for a low-emissions offshore platform targeting both the oil and gas, and offshore wind sectors. The company has already signed several contracts for its new energy storage system and expects to deliver the first one this summer.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore