During the supply trip to the Borssele Alpha offshore platform (Source: Rhenus Offshore Logistics BV)

Rhenus logistics group starts transport support services

Rhenus Offshore Logistics BV has successfully completed the first supply trip to the high-voltage substation, Borssele Alpha, located in the Dutch Exclusive Economic Zone approximately 20km off the coast of Zeeland.

The trip marks the beginning of a new logistics contract between the Rhenus group and HSM Offshore.
Hans van Hoof, Rhenus Offshore Logistics’ sales manager, commented on the new contract. “Thanks to our ‘Cargo Run’ product, we’re already supplying a large number of the German offshore wind park projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and are now expanding these services to include the Dutch and Belgian market via Rotterdam. By combining supply trips for several projects, it’s possible to achieve significant savings in costs.”
Having taken over the logistics contract, Rhenus will now be providing transport support services during the installation phase at the Borssele wind park. HSM Offshore is responsible for the supply and delivery of both the Borssele Alpha and Borssele Beta transformer substations, each of 700 MW and due for commissioning in 2020.With a total generating capacity of 1.4 MW, the facility will be the Netherlands’ largest wind park so far.  

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore