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North Sea One wind farm logistics successfully completed

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

Hamburg-based Buss Offshore Solutions has recently completed the successful project management and logistics relating to the North Sea One wind farm from its Orange Blue Terminal operating base in the port of Eemshaven.

This is the eleventh such project to have been handled by the logistics consultancy, either at one of its own terminals or at a customer’s site.
The North Sea One wind farm comprises 54 wind turbines consisting of 378 components and Buss Offshore Solutions oversaw the planning and coordination of all services required at the terminal, as well as preparing the area, transport, storage and pre-assembly of the complete towers and rotors on site, and delivery of components to the quayside.  
“The storage of the 61.5m-long rotor blades, the up to 118-tonne tower sections and the 350-tonne nacelles alone is a logistical challenge,” commented Martin Schulz, managing director of Buss Offshore Solutions. “The biggest challenge, however, is managing everyone involved so a project of this size can be implemented smoothly and on schedule. In addition to our Buss Offshore Solutions and the Orange Blue Terminal staff, easily another 30 staff or so were also working on the North Sea One wind farm, at the terminal, or elsewhere over the last nine months.”
The company has already begun a similar follow-up project for the Merkur wind farm from its Orange Blue Terminal.