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First in a new series of anchor handlers delivered in Brazil

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

The naming ceremony of the Bossa Nova, a Havyard 843 anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) ship design specially adapted for operation in the deep waters offshore Brazil, marks the first delivery in a six-ship series to Grupo CBO, a Brazilian shipyard owner and offshore vessel operator, which holds contracts for the vessels with state oil company Petrobras.

The AHTS vessel Bossa Nova was recently named

The Bossa Nova was named at the Oceana Shipyard in Itajai and then embarked on a voyage to Rio Janeiro for final tests. Its godmother was Joyce Moreno, a Brazilian singer and songwriter.
The deep waters off Brazil require offshore vessels to have more equipment, such as buoys and anchors, than is usual in the North Sea. Therefore, vessels working in Brazil require a wider beam and the new Havyard 843 AHTS class has been specially adapted for Brazilian conditions. Features include more space on deck for equipment, and a big side-by-side winch enabling safe and efficient towing and other anchor-handling services for mobile installations.
The contract was entered into by Havyard Design & Solutions which was responsible for the ships’ design and the logistics associated with the equipment packages. Equipment and services were provided from other companies and divisions within the Havyard Group including Control Systems AS, Norwegian IAS, Concept Bridge and Norwegian Control Systems.