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Equipment contract for self-elevating platform

Friday, 15 Jun 2012

Imtech Marine announced a contract with Jack-Up Barge, a Dutch supplier of self-elevating platforms for the energy and heavy civil construction market, to equip the self-elevating platform “JB-118” with communication and IT systems.

The jack-up barge “JB-117” is being employed in the North Sea

The platform is currently being built near Hong Kong. Part of the contract is a PA intercom and alarm system, VSAT network, a PABX central telephone system and the total navigation, communication and entertainment package, including IPTV and satellite television. Additionally, Imtech Marine will install VHF/UHF communications for the crane operators, a meteo and CCTV system, as well as a communication system for the helideck. The “JB-118” is expected to be delivered mid of 2013. It follows a similar contract for the “JB-117”, which was completed earlier this year.