HullWiper’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) gears up to clean a vessel's hull (Source: HullWiper)

HullWiper extends network with Indian Ocean hub

HullWiper has launched its latest hull-cleaning operation in Mauritius, close to the international shipping lane used by thousands of ships sailing round the Cape of Good Hope. In partnership with local hull cleaning firm Immersub, the operation will run on HullWiper’s lease-based business model, providing ship operators with a hull-cleaning service based on flexible water jet technology without brushes or divers. Leading hull coating manufacturers have approved HullWiper’s robotic cleaning system which collects fouled material for disposal at environmentally approved facilities ashore. The technology is therefore directly in line with the Mauritius Port Authority’s ‘Green Port Concept’ for sustainable and eco-friendly port activities. Simon Doran, HullWiper managing director and himself an ex-diver, said: “Mauritius’ strategic position on a busy international shipping lane makes it a key location in the Indian Ocean. Its deep, clear waters also make it a great base from which HullWiper can provide a fast, efficient and eco-friendly hull cleaning solution.” Speaking for local partner Immersub, Development & Project manager Samuel Rochecouste, commented: “Traditional hull cleaning is no longer a sustainable option for shipowners. Shipping is changing fast and service providers must adapt to the new reality and the challenges it brings. Working with HullWiper, Immersub will offer a cost-effective solution, which is in line with Mauritius’ commitment to protect the environment. With reduced wear on expensive coatings, lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and fewer invasive species, Immersub is proud to be at the forefront of change in the Indian Ocean.”

HullWiper was set up by Doran in Dubai in 2013. It now operates at ports in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Gibraltar, Egypt, UAE, Singapore, Australia and Panama as well as other Middle East locations on an ad-hoc basis. The system is available for lease where HullWiper does not have its own base.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore