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Two companies interested in possible partnership with Uljanik

Monday, 31 Dec 2018

Two companies have expressed interest in Croatia’s financially troubled Uljanik shipbuilding group in preparation for a possible strategic partnership, said Croatian economy minister Mr Darko Horvat.

“Two serious potential strategic partners have expressed their wish to seek data and undertake a thorough analysis of the shipyard’s facilities in Rijeka and Pula, and they have pledged to make a very serious offer within five weeks,” Horvat said. In October, Ukraine’s Smart Maritime Group (SMG), a unit of Smart Holding, said it is interested in cooperating with Uljanik. A SMG delegation visited Croatia in October to study the capability of its shipyards and to discuss possible cooperation. Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri is also seen as a potential strategic partner of Uljanik. In November, Horvat said the government has received a letter of interest in Uljanik from Fincantieri. The Uljanik Group is made up of two major shipyards, Uljanik and 3. Maj, along with smaller subsidiaries.

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