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Russian icebreaker construction programme

Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018

Russia needs nine more icebreakers by 2025 to provide all-year round shipping along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in the Russian Arctic seas.

So said Mr Viyacheslav Ruksha, head of the Atomflot company, the operator of all Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers. These additional ships are not included in Russia’s current icebreaker construction programme. The Russian yards building vessels in the current programme will be favourites to win new orders. Atomflot is currently awaiting delivery of three 33,000-tonne/60-MW/173m-long nuclear-powered icebreakers of design project 22220 (LK-60) being constructed at the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg. The first of these, named Arctica, should be delivered in May 2019, the second named Siberia will be delivered in November 2020, and the third in November 2021. This year, the 19,000-tonne/25-MW/147m-long diesel-electric icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin (design project 22600) should be completed at Admiralty Shipyards, also in St Petersburg. In April 2017, the 8,500-tonne/15-MW/114m-long patrol diesel-electric icebreaker Ivan Papanin (design project 23550), the first of two units, was laid down for the Russian navy at Admiralty Shipyards. The design of the 120-MW nuclear-powered icebreaker was developed by marine architects Iceberg and Krylov State Research Centre in St Petersburg.

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