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New ship repair facility for Cochin

Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017

India’s Cochin Shipyard Ltd is to construct a new ship repair yard at nearby Cochin Port Trust as the state-owned firm undertakes an expansion programme.

A construction contract for the new yard has now been awarded. Cochin Shipyard sold shares through an initial public offering (IPO) in August this year to raise money to part fund an expansion plan involving the construction of a dry dock to build larger and more sophisticated ships and the new ship repair yard. “Ship repair is a high profit-margin business,” said Mr Madhu Nair, Chairman and Managing Director of Cochin Shipyard. The new yard will be set up on 16.9 hectares of land and 15.6 hectare of water front leased from Cochin Port Trust. The new repair facility comprises a ship lift, transfer system and other facilities. The ship lift is designed for vessels with a length of as much as 130m and a lifting capacity of 6,000 tonnes.

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