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Japanese cooperation in shipbuilding

Monday, 14 May 2018

Japan’s Mitsui Shipbuilding and Tsuneishi Shipbuilding have finalised an agreement to cooperate in commercial shipbuilding.

The yards had announced that talks about cooperation had begun in February 2018. The agreement now reached involves cooperation on design, development, capacity sharing and cost competitiveness, while maintaining independent management in the two yards. The two companies will consider collaborations in the areas of existing and future technologies. They will seek to increase their opportunities to win new orders by shortening design periods and increasing the different types of ships they build. By exchanging technical information, they will seek to make effective use of the strengths of each company. They will also work to achieve more effective procurement through joint utilisation distribution channels and suppliers. Through unification and mutual standardisation of design standards and specifications, the companies aim to expand and increase procurement possibilities for the same items. By making effective use of shipbuilding factilities owned by the companies both in Japan and in other countries, they will seek to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Competition from Chinese and South Korean yards has led to a number of alliances and operational changes in Japan over the last year. In December last year, Kawasaki Heavy Industries indicated it will increase its commercial shipbuilding operations in China and reduce production in Japan. In June last year, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries reached an agreement with Oshima Shipbuilding to form a commercial shipbuilding alliance. The agreement established a technical alliance to focus on the development of new ship designs and technologies, standardisation of design and construction and efficient shared use of tools and equipment. The alliance followed on from a previous agreement reached at the end of March last year between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Imabari Shipbuilding and Namura Shipbuilding.

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