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Grimaldi envisages RoRo fleet expansion

Monday, 09 Oct 2017

Italian shipping group Grimaldi Group plans to order up to ten RoRo vessels and also intends to lengthen two cruise RoRo passenger ferries.

Italian yard Fincantieri is tipped to win the order for the new ships. The environmentally friendly RoRo newbuildings will have large lithium batteries as part of their hybrid propulsion systems and the construction contract will be awarded to a yard in the coming weeks, said Grimaldi Group managing director Mr Emanuel Grimaldi. He said the order would be for six hybrid RoRo ferries and four options, with deliveries starting from 2020 under the group’s GGG5 project. The ships will emit zero emissions in port as a result of being fi tted with the lithium fuel cells. Solar panels will be fi tted and the new ships will be equipped with an air lubrication system creating bubble layers beneath the hull to reduce friction and cut fuel consumption. The vessels will also have scrubbers to reduce sulphur emissions. Danish naval architect Knud E Hansen has provided designs. Grimaldi Group also plans the lengthening of two cruise ferries built in 2008 to give extra space for 500 seated people and 50 cabins, raising the passenger capacity from 3,000 to 3,500 people. Work should be completed in the fi rst half of 2019. The ships would also have additional space for 50 more trailers and 50 cars. No yard has yet been named for the vessel lengthening work.

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