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Boreal and Wärtsilä to jointly design hydrogen-powered ferry

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018

The Norwegian government has plans to make Norway the world’s first country to operate a hydrogen-powered ferry.

Two companies, Boreal Sjo and Wärtsilä Ship Design, have entered into a joint venture to design the ferry, which scheduled to be ready by 2021. The ferry will operate on a short 3-kilometre route and connect Rigsvej across Hjelmelandsfjorden in Norway. The plan is that two ferries, one being a completely electric and the other being the new hydrogen-electric, powered by 50% hydrogen, will operate the route. “The plan is realistic, but challenging,” said Mr Ove Wilhelmsen, chief executive officer of Wärtsilä Ship Design. The companies are to present their offer on the completed solution to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration before August this year and they will then be in competition with two other companies. According to Wärtsilä’s director, hydrogen ferries are not normally the natural solution because of their high price, but the fact that the Norwegian government puts their trust in these types of ferries, could reduce prices if larger numbers of vessels are built.

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