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New logistics partnership targeting sustainable energy sector

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018

Maersk Supply Service and Vestas, a wind turbine designer and manufacturer, are joining forces to provide a new installation and logistics service aimed at cutting costs for the sustainable energy industry.

Global wind energy production is likely to double by 2027, according to industry estimates, but the cost of a transporting and installing larger wind turbines in more remote locations could be a constraint on sector development.
As a first step, the two companies are working on the design of a new crane both for on- and offshore wind turbine installation. The concept, known as Vertical Installer, will enable the use of lower cost assets in the logistics value chain, the companies said in a statement. The project has already received DKr 47 million in funding from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme, via the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate.
Bo Svoldgaard, senior vice president for Innovation & Concepts at Vestas, referring to the new tie-up, said: “We have a strong strategic fit and the new Vertical Installer crane underlines how the partnership will support our goal to improve our efficiency in an area that will grow in important as turbine components get bigger and infrastructure becomes more complex.”   
CEO of Maersk Supply Service, Steen S. Karstensen, added: “This is an exciting step for Maersk Supply Service and a great example of how our marine knowledge and versatile fleet can be leveraged in new industries.”

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