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MAN Diesel & Turbo and Hyundai to develop new engine test facility

Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

MAN Diesel & Turbo and its two-stroke engine licensee HHI-EMD, the engine and machinery division of Hyundai Heavy Industries, are to collaborate in the development of a new engine test facility designed to support the development of dual-fuel gas engines.

2S50 test engine at HHI

The new set-up is to be built at HHI-EMD’s plant in Ulsan and is due to begin operations early in 2019. It will have remote control online functionality allowing test engines to be connected to MAN Diesel & Turbo’s research and control centre in Copenhagen.
The test facility will feature MAN Diesel & Turbo’s own ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit (ME-GI PVU), a high-pressure supply unit that makes fuel gas supply system installations more compact and reduces cost and weight, according to the company. The PVU is designed to pressurise and vapourise the LNG fuel to the exact pressure and temperature required by the engine. Launched recently by MAN PrimeServ, the unit is available in five different sizes covering MAN Diesel & Turbo’s two-stroke ME-GI engine range.

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