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Evac to take over Cathelco

Friday, 08 Jun 2018

The Evac Group, which describes itself as a waste, waste-water and water management company, is to acquire Cathelco, a specialist in marine growth prevention, ship and offshore pipework protection, and impressed current cathodic protection. Terms of the deal have not been released.

Cathelco factory in Chesterfield, UK

Although the two companies have customers in common, the acquisition will enable Evac to expand its product portfolio and extend its customer base in three main areas – pipework and fouling systems, hull corrosion protection systems, and ballast water treatment systems based on ultraviolet and filtration technologies. Cathelco’s turnover in the 2016-17 financial year was EUR 31 million compared with Evac’s EUR 105 million.
Tomi Gardemeister, Evac Group CEO and president, commenting on the acquisition, said: "An extended cleantech system offering, together with an enlarged sales and service network, will allow us to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions and services to our customers. This acquisition provides a tremendous opportunity for Evac and Cathelco to work together to become a leader in the field of ballast water treatment systems."

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