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Featured Article, GreenTech 2022

Meeting demand for low-emission, high-efficiency propulsion

Hybrid power systems are defined as the combination of new and conventional technologies that make possible electric power generation in vessels for higher performance, greater efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Featured Article, Ship&Offshore 3/2022

The Greek maritime market

Greek owners have spent recent years aligning themselves with long-term LNG project-related shipping requirements as well as short-term business. As Russia’s war with Ukraine disrupts global gas supplies as never before, with European consumers at…

Featured Article, Ship&Offshore 2/2022

Asian builders extend their lead as new contracting spree speeds up

As new ship orders gather pace after the worst ravages of the pandemic, China’s lead in global shipbuilding becomes even more evident. But South Korean and Japanese builders are also contributing to Asian dominance in the newbuild sector, writes…

Featured Article, Ship&Offshore 1/2022

"Green is not black and white”

In order to work towards zero-emission shipping, various green fuels are currently under scrutiny. Read more

Featured Article, Ship&Offshore SmartShip 2021

Route to autonomous ship safety

Autonomous ship technology can improve maritime safety according to One Sea, the industry grouping targeting 2025 as its target for the first autonomous maritime ecosystem. Some of One Sea’s leading technology company members explain why, and how.…

Featured Article , Ship&Offshore 4/2021

Cruising prepares a steady comeback from Covid-19

More cruise ships are about to resume operations. How and when should they prepare? What new regulations should they take into consideration, and how can the quality of operations be enhanced to a new normal? Read more

Featured Article, Ship&Offshore 2/2021

Unique opportunity for design innovation

International shipping faces an unprecedented challenge as it prepares for rapid decarbonisation and the adoption of entirely new marine fuels within one or two ship generations. With most ship construction capacity now centred in Asia, the…




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