Lifesaving equipment

Specialisation in two Noreq companies

Increasing demand for Noreq’s new and improved lifesaving equipment have resulted in a specializing of the company.

Noreq AS is now a 100% manufacturer of lifesaving systems, and hives off it’s fender products in a separate company: NoreqFender AS.

Noreq AS is specialising in the development and manufacture of lifesaving products, i.e. lifeboats, rescue boats and davits. Latest products are the Torpedo lifeboat, Noreq FRB 700 rescue boat in aluminium and new davits.

Through NoreqFender AS, existing and new customers shall be offered even better product solutions. NoreqFender products are manufactured in compliance with ISO 17357, which is the only guarantee that a fender product has actually been physically tested.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore