The Safemate project will pilot an automated navigation decision support system on the Bastø VI ferry (Source: Torghatten AS)

Norwegian project to focus on safe autonomous ferry transits

Classification society, DNV, and partners Bastø Fosen, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Seatex, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) launched the Safemate project at the Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo at the beginning of this month. The initiative, partially funded by the Research Council of Norway, aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of automated navigation systems, and will run trials in a pilot scheme aboard the ferry, Bastø VI. Object detection and collision avoidance constitute two of the greatest challenges to safe autonomous operations, the partners noted. Robust and failsafe systems must therefore be developed, as well as processes to ensure that they are working effectively, they said in a statement. The Safemate project will assess both issues whilst also retaining human attendance for observation and feedback purposes.

Safemate will focus specifically on routeing and collision avoidance to develop a system capable of detecting threats and obstacles. Then, relevant information must be accurately interpreted and communicated to an on-board operator. Simulated testing with human involvement will be carried out prior to full-scale trials on the Bastø VI, which runs between Moss and Horten.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore