The official christening of the FlexFueler002 bunkering barge (Source: Titan LNG)

New LNG bunkering service launched in Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp, gas infrastructure group Fluxys, and liquid natural gas supplier, Titan LNG, have celebrated the christening of a new LNG bunker barge, FlexFueler 002, now in operation from its base at quay 526/528.

The barge, which will make LNG available throughout the port and the Western Scheldt, is the third vessel to join Titan LNG’s bunkering infrastructure across the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) range, joining the Flexfueler 001 and the Green Zeebrugge. The latest addition to the Titan LNG fleet will provide a flexible bunkering service, enabling ships to take fuel on board whilst loading or discharging cargo.

Port of Antwerp CEO, Jacques Vandermeiren, said: “As the fifth largest bunkering port in the world, we are committed to playing a pioneering role in the integration of low- and zero-carbon fuels to the bunker market. The arrival of the FuelFlexer 002 marks an important landmark in the transition to a multi-fuel port. LNG as a marine fuel is now available throughout the port, enabling us to further facilitate the energy transition of shipping in the port, as well as the region of Antwerp.”

In addition to LNG’s immediate emission benefits, further carbon-reducing steps will be possible with the introduction of bio-and synthetic LNG, which both use the same infrastructure and engine technology. Liquid biogas from organic waste, and liquid synthetic methane from green hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide, are scalable options for shipping. Antwerp’s LNG bunkering infrastructure is said to be future-proofed and capable of supplying carbon-neutral LNG when the time comes.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore