The green ammonia production facility is planned in the Sauda municipality in Norway (Source: Trafigura)

Green ammonia facility planned in Norway

Plans for a green ammonia production facility in the Sauda municipality on the southwestern coast of Norway could result in a significant supply of carbon-free fuel for shipping. Partners in the project include Hy2gen, a green hydrogen and green-hydrogen derivatives specialist, trading company Trafigura, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, a Danish fund manager specialising in renewable energy infrastructure. The production facility will be called Iverson eFuels AS.

Following completion of a pre-study last year, the project is now undergoing a front-end engineering design (FEED) process and a full construction plan is likely to be completed next year, the partner said. Construction could begin in the first quarter or 2024 and the plant could become operational in 2027.

The Iverson facility will have start-up electrolyser capacity of 240 MW, enabling production of 600 tonnes of green ammonia per day. However, there will be scope to scale up production significantly in the future.

Trafigura’s global head of Fuel Decarbonisation, Rasmus Bach Nielsen, said: “Availability of zero-emission alternative fuels such as green ammonia is an important prerequisite to decarbonising the global shipping industry. We also urgently need global policy-makers to cost-neutralise the use of zero-carbon fuels through carbon-pricing measures to drive demand and enable a radical reduction in emissions.”

Cyril Dufau-Sansot, Hy2gen CEO, commented: “When we started looking for a location for our green ammonia plant in Norway, Sauda emerged as the epitome. The accessibility to abundant green energy from hydropower, a good harbour for exports, an attractive production site, a long regional industry history, and above all, the positive reception of the local authorities and businesses, encouraged us to choose Sauda as the future home of Iverson eFuels in Norway.”

The project, which is supported by Agenda Vest and the UllaFørre fund, is expected to employ about 50 people and create another 100 jobs indirectly.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore