Specialised vessels to transport compressed hydrogen in containers (Source: Gen2 Energy)

Gen2 Energy partners with Sirius Design to develop hydrogen carrier

Green hydrogen provider, Gen2 Energy, based in Borre, Norway, has signed a contract with Sirius Design & Integration AS for the design of two specialised vessels transporting compressed hydrogen in containers.

The design is set to provide a capacity of 500 40-foot containers on board the approx. 190m-long vessels. Propulsion systems will also be based on hydrogen. Gen2 Energy has, in partnership with DNV and HYEX Safety, used a risk-based approach method to identify requirements and recommendations for the design, to ultimately reach Approval in Principle and allow a safe transport of hydrogen in containers.

Gen2 Energy is currently developing large-scale production of hydrogen in Mosjøen, Norway. As part of the volume which will be exported to countries in Northern Europe, a safe, effective and green method for transporting large number of containers with compressed hydrogen is considered to be required.

“The transportation of hydrogen is challenging, and we are very excited to be in the forefront of the development of technology, enabling cost effective, safe, and green logistical solutions. By working jointly with the experienced team of Sirius D&I we feel confident that we will reach our set goals and be ready to deliver hydrogen to our clients when our productions start”, says Jonas Meyer, CEO of Gen2 Energy.

Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore
Article Editorial staff Ship&Offshore