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The facts

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* Average per month between January 1st 2018–October 1st 2018

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Supply of advertising data: At least three working days before ad is due to appear by e-mail to: vera.hermanns [at]

Technical specifications: Images and logo as JPEG, TIFF, SWF or GIF format.
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Banner examples: Special formats, editorial specials, promotions, crossmedia and advertorials on request.

Advertising size, dimension & rates

Size Dimension Rate
Skyscraper 120x600 pixels Euro 2,250
Superbanner 728x90 pixels Euro 1,950
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Mini Rectangle 300x125 pixels Euro 1,050
Footer 728x90 pixels Euro 1,300
Wallpaper 120x600 pixels + 728x90 pixels Euro 3,350


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10% for four months
15% for six months
20% for twelve months