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The Ship&Offshore E-mail Newsletter is published weekly and has an audience of more than 12,000 readers. It offers readers the latest news on marine and offshore technology for the global maritime market. It makes it possible to deliver news and insights with video and audio that cannot be captured in the magazine. 

Newsletter Advertising Forms:

  • Sponsoring

    Placement: in the head of the newsletter and the advertorial after the second news report
    Format header: 570 px width / 60 px high
    Advertorial: max. 500 (blank-)letters, hyperlinks to the website and a picture (275 px width / 180 px high)
    Alternative: banner (570 px width / 100 px high)
    Price: € 1,500 (per newsletter)

  • Textlink

    Placement: after the sponsoring advertorial
    Data format: 150 characters
    Price: € 2,000 (4 weeks)Banner (570 x 100 px)

  • Banner

    Placement: before or between the news reports
    Data format: JPG or GIF (animated)
    File size: max. 150 KB
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Concept & facts you should know:

  • Language: English
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Circulation: 22,500 e-mail addresses

Performance values:

  • Opening rate: 16.14%
  • Unique click rate: 1.63%
  • Click-to-open-rate: 10.11%
    (Average per newsletter between
    April 1st 2017 - September 30th 2017.)

Geographical analysis of distribution:

  • 33,6% Germany/Austria/Switzerland
  • 27,4% Rest of Europe
  • 19,1% Asia
  • 12,3% Middle East
  • 6,5% North and South America
  • 1,1% Pacific/Australia

Technical specifications:

  • Images and logo as JPEG or PNG format (NO FLASH, EPS and *.SWF)
  • Size of images and logos at a resolution of 72 dpi, up to 100 KB
  • Text must be supplied as TXT file or as a word document

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