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Eight international issues in English language PLUS two Chinese-, one Russia and one Special GreenTech.
Six international issues in English language PLUS two Chinese-, one Vietnamese- and one Russian-Edition.

With our publication Ship&Offshore we reflect a conscious stronger focus on the entire offshore industry, underlining at the same time the close relationship with classic shipbuilding and supply industries. Both in name and content Ship&Offshore therefore serves important new target groups for your media planning and in future too offers you premium thematic and editorial environments. 

Through Ship&Offshore you will have the chance to either reach broadly or locally, depending on your specific needs and target groups. In either case, you will be certain to reach the top decision makers within the maritime industry. Ship&Offshore wins through its dedicated and high standard of editorial quality. A strong team of editors together with numerous correspondents around the world ensure that Ship&Offshore is the outrider of the industry, always delivering the most interesting technical maritime articles.

Ship&Offshore is published 8 times a year and supplemented by the GreenTech  Edition as well as other international periodicals spotlighting new maritime markets and published in the specific national language. In 2018, the Chinese Edition - already published by Ship&Offshore for many years - will be supplemented by a title for Greece.

For the very first time, Ship&Offshore will add a dedicated issue on digitalisation, autonomous shipping and smart technologies in the maritime industry to its portfolio. SmartShip will be distributed at all major trade fairs and conferences in 2018/2019.

Key target groups & geographical circulation

Frequency & circulation

  Language Frequency Circulation
Ship&Offshore International English 8 issues per year 6,910 copies
Ship&Offshore China Edition Chinese 1 issue per year 5,850 copies
Ship&Offshore Greece Edition Greek 1 issue per year 4,430 copies
Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech English 1 issue per year 31,500 copies
Ship&Offshore Special SmartShip English 1 issue per year 31,500 copies