Reader analysis and usage data

Base: Reader Analysis 2015/2016

The needs of our target group are very important for us. To improve our information package even further, we instrcuted the well-known German institution „delta Marktforschung“ in Cologne to perform an anonymous reader survey.

Our readers are company executives and decision makers

  • 68.06% of respondents hold a leading positionin their companies

Schiff&Hafen informs its readership several times per week

  • 69.82% use our printed or digital products (newsletter, website) several times per week
  • 36.14% respondents read Schiff&Hafen every day

Schiff&Hafen provides clarification and in-depth expertise

  • 76.59% think Schiff&Hafen provides technical in-depth expertise
  • 67.81% eveluate our overview of market news as „good“ and „excellent“