With “Ship&Offshore”, DVV Media Group offers in addition to the established brand Schiff&Hafen a product family presenting specialist information on marine and offshore technology for the global maritime market. The English-language maritime trade journal Ship&Offshore, founded in 2009, focuses on subjects ranging from classic shipbuilding and the marine equipment industry to offshore and marine technology, which because of its strong growth potential is of increasing significance for the maritime sector. New challenges connected with sustained exploration and production activities at great sea depths and in ice-covered areas as well as the harnessing of alternative energies such as offshore wind and tides call for technically sophisticated system solutions from the market players in all maritime segments. 

Under this label, current trends and developments from all areas of the maritime sector with the focus on shipbuilding, marine technology and offshore technology are presented with high specialist expertise. Ship&Offshore is published monthly and supplemented by at least four other international periodicals spotlighting new maritime markets and published in the specific national language. The two Chinese issues, which have been published by Schiff&Hafen for many years, are supplemented by titles such as for Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, or Greece, plus a GreenTech-Special.
For the very first time, Ship&Offshore will add a dedicated issue on digitalisation, autonomous shipping and smart technologies in the maritime industry to its portfolio. SmartShip will be distributed at all major trade fairs and conferences in 2018/2019.

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